PermissionMe Active Directory Tools

active directory users and contacts

NTFS Plus, ADUC Core Admin, and ADUC Core HR provide feature rich Active Directory Management and NTFS Tools.  

PermissionMe Active Directory Tools can be used on any Windows client to manage any Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 installation.

  • Save time on tedious Active Directory Maintenance tasks.  - Learn More >>
  • Identify and correct inappropriate Active Directory Group Membership issues in seconds - Learn More >>
  • Finally, an easy and secure way to delegate User Contact and Distribution Group Maintenance - Learn More >>  
  • Cleanup and report on NTFS Permissions with ease - Learn More >>
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active directory users and contacts

Managing Active Directory Users, Groups and Computers has never been easier 

All the tedious daily tasks of  Active Directory Management  can burn valuable hours. PermissionMe ADUC Core Admin and HR Active Directory Tools provide simple, intuitive interfaces that allow Helpdesk and other non-Admin users to make Active Directory Updates in seconds. Logon using embedded credentialsDelegate tasks to the helpdesk or departmental super users – to change passwords, unlock accounts and update contact information – all in just a few clicks.


Create reports for Management, Auditors and Peers within you company by filtering on data in hundreds of ways and exporting to Excel. 

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Active Directory Bulk Changes

Finally: Accurate Employee Active Directory Contact

Checking and updating Employee Contact Information is time consuming and inaccurate information can be frustrating to you and other employees.  PermissionMe ADUC Core Products make this task easy.  

Since ADUC Core can use credentials, this task can be delegated by allowing HR or department users to use ADUC Core HR themselves.  ADUC Core HR only allows editing of current records, Add, Delete and Copy Functions are not available. They can also update records individually when mass changes are not necessary.


Office move? Address and other data that needs to be changed for multiple users at once is easily accomplished through the Bulk Changes function.



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active directory users and contacts

Easily view, report and MANAGE access in seconds – GET CONTROL of your NTFS Permissions!

Windows Folder Permissions can become messy from years of changes by multiple administrators.  Viewing and understanding the current permissions is so time consuming and tedious.

 PermissionMe NTFS Plus provides a simple, grid interface to view Permissions.  Define profiles that include one or more shares for reporting together, assign business area approvers to shares for exporting to Excel to send for approval.  Update the permissions, user attributes and group membership without ever leaving PermissionMe NTFS Plus..

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