Active Directory Management Tools

NTFS Plus provides a powerful and simple to use NTFS Permission reporting tool.  Now, we have added a separate module, that is included in the price for NTFS Plus, for taking NTFS Permission Snapshots.  This module allows you to schedule snapshots, and compare any two to see differences in rights.

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NTFS Plus memory usage and speed improvements have been made to better handle large file trees and long filenames.

Export directly to disk allows creating CSV files for folder trees that are too large to bring into memory and display on the screen. Read More »
NTFS Plus is a simple, yet powerful, tool to allow reporting and management of NTFS Permissions. Try the free trial, and give us feedback on any functionality you would like to see. Report and view file permissions and sizes as well.

More info on the product is available at

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NTFS Plus profiles did allow for adding local drives, but the user had to enter the correct format, and the error message was not correct. This has been fixed. Read More »
New version with improved user interface and performance ready for download. Let us know about any additional features you would like. Read More »

NTFS Plus Version 2.7.5 is available for download.  This version reads and displays rights much faster on large shares.

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We are working on making the interface more streamlined. Please let us know if there is anything you find non intuitive, or any suggestions! Read More »