Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a one time fee for a license?

License fees are perpetual.

Are upgrades free?

All upgrades, including enhancement and fixes, are free for active subscribers.

Why are some folders red in NTFS Plus?

Complete folders can be marked as blocked from inheriting rights. This can be frustrating to figure out why rights are not flowing down from a parent. The red folders give you a quick view of which folders are marked to block inheritance. You can also select Edit Folder on the menu bar to see more details about a folder.

Managing Profiles

Profiles are a way to add one or more file shares to be read and reported on together.  Reading folder permissions can be time consuming so be careful not to add multiple large shares together.


When a server is selected, if the server is managed by Windows, the shares on that folder will be shown and you can select any share on that server.   If the server is another management interface, such as a Netapp storage device, you will have to enter the share name and add it to the profile.

Delegating Permissions for ADUC Core Products

Delegating Permissions in Active Directory for ADUC Core users.

To allow people to use ADUC Core Admin and ADUC Core HR without a full administrator account, there are two options. 

Option 1Delegate Control by entering account credentials into the logon screen of ADUC Core products.  It is encrypted and securely stored, so it cannot be recovered and used elsewhere.

ADUC Core Logon

Option 2 - Delegate permission within Active Directory to the users who will use ADUC Core products. Within Active Directory, you can delegate for an entire domain, or one or more OUs. If you want to delegate control by OU, uou can use the OU delegation and them limit the OUs that display for individuals within ADUC Core.

It is probably a good idea to create an Active Directory Group and then delegate the permissions to that group. In this example, I will delegate for a particular OU. My OU is Brazil and the group is called ADUC Core Brazil, here are the steps for delegation.

ADUC Core Logon
ADUC Core Logon
ADUC Core Logon

The 'DbProviderFactories' section can only appear once per config file

If you get this error when you try to start any PermissionMe products, it is due to a machine.config file corruption.  Please see this link for details on how to fix.




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