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NTFS Snapshot - $149

NTFS Permissions Reporting Tool

Takes periodic Snapshots of NTFS file and folder permissions for your Windows Servers and generates change reports.  

See changes by Group, User or Groups broken out by User.

PermissionMe NTFS Plus and Snapshot makes viewing file and folder permissions fast and easy.  Filter results by Manager, Department and Job Title to quickly find Permissions that may be out of date or that have changed.  Switch between views to see top level permissions, effective permissions, break out individuals from groups, and more.  Supports Windows Server Storage and Windows NTFS shares on SANs.

  • Total NTFS management, including modifying group membership, all from NTFS Plus.
  • Easily auditing of changes and fixing of rights - search and export user and group access for shared folders
  • See consolidated access rights by User to understand what their rights really are
  • Ensure consistent, accurate rights by viewing a user’s department, manager, company, enable/disabled and title alongside their access rights
  • Compare any two permission snapshots over time to see what has changed.

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